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Shingeki no Life!

Wed Sep 11, 2013, 11:44 AM
:bulletred: So, I should really update my Deviantart / Journals more often huh °___° But I have a facebook account now, that's easier to update xD  
--> Facebookpagemuch…

I'll quickly cover every convention we did like FAST! WOOSH!

Japan Expo Paris 2013

Shingeki No Kyojin - Eren Jaeger by ShamanRenji  Shingeki No Kyojin - Kill by ShamanRenji

As ever, I was really looking forward to Japan Expo in Paris, although I was not really prepared at all xD I worked long and hard on Eren and the 3D gear together with Kinlyu and we finished them right on time. Or well, mabye a little late D: Whateveritlookedokay xD 

Since we were lazy, I just took Shingeki, Kuroko and Tales

Kuroko no Basukeeee 
 photo 1_zps91c7ed12.jpg
perfect beginning of the convention no? The camera decided to flash out my face. It must have not liked me °__°

 photo 19_zpsfe821e8c.jpg
A kuroko that's bigger then Kise? Impossible °____°
Murosakibara fits in perfecly with the background huh. Gaymuch

 photo 20_zps89d03ba9.jpg
We met up again with our amazing Japanese friend! She's always so perfect, I'm so jealous of her >_<

 photo 5_zps60a10ad8.jpg
Fire Emblem cardboards?! Let me abuse those D:

 photo 13_zps8c50996d.jpg
DAMON?! Mine now D: (Notafangirloranythingnope)

 photo 14_zps7dd5d416.jpg
Emi was stalking us all the way back to the hotel together with the rest of her English harem club.

 photo 16_zpsbaaa60a1.jpg
And so was Cage °___°

okay maybe we were in the same hotel... BUTthatsnotthepointrightnow.
 photo 12_zps40e6a376.jpg 
Macha au lait is the most deli thing ever. Go try it now D: You can see how much I like it... Since I've drawn... spit... to prove it. Yep.

 photo 2_zpsfa93e849.jpg
Zoustache wanting to be on picture as well. What an attentiowhore xDDDD 

 photo 21_zps56292955.jpg
Eren: Wait! Wait for me! I can't do this! Help °___°

 photo 11_zpsf92ba1d4.jpg
Eren: OHyouguuuuuuys!

 photo 22_zps29e2ced3.jpg
Aren't we pretty? Tell us we're pretty! Emi-zone was a great photographer as usual :heart: 

This was the last shot from Shingeki Saturday. 
 photo 0_zps1293b7dc.jpg
This is how it went:
HEY! Go lay down on the grass so I can look all cool and stuff.
What it actually looks like:
EREN! WHY DID YOU KILL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! (and how on earth did you kill Mikasa)

On Saturday Evening we went shooting in yet another costume. Rhythm Thief. I did this for Emi (Ikindapromisedandforgot) 
 photo 9_zpsf11a5fd4.jpg

Sooooo Yeah, I kinda had to. I don't regret it though, we had a lot of fun taking pics, although I was SO hungry at the end of it xD And we ended up eating at macdonalds...
 photo 8_zps51e1b5c4.jpg

Last day already! it went so fast! Tales of Symphonia with Emi and the rest. We had so much fun with these costumes in that heat... It was horrible xD But at least we still got the chance to make some (decent) pics :3
 photo 6_zpsb07902b7.jpg

 photo 7_zps349758e4.jpg
Best shot ever

But well, it was again, a really amazing time with some amazing people. I'm really sad that I can't make it to london expo to see my English buds again ;____; But well, Kitacon right ;D!


Shingeki No Kyojin - Survey Corps by ShamanRenji    Attack On Titan - Join The Fight by ShamanRenji

First day of Cosdaaaay and it was amazing! First time for all 3 of us to cosplay SnK together as well °__° It was my first time going here and MAN I had a lot of fun. I'm defo going back next year ^____^ 

 photo 1_zpsd2437316.jpg

 photo IMG_5018_zps186a5e84.jpg
...No comment needed

 photo f42899ef-be80-40a2-8c14-0bdf8b053738_zpsf18aa7a2.jpg
Better listen °___° Else Rivaille will come for you. And believe me, you don't want that ;_____;

And this, being the most fabulous shot ever made 
 photo IMG_5044-1_zpsebee327e.jpg

We had some amazing food after the first day of cosday!

Eren and Armin going out for some food. Best time ever. 
 photo 2_zpse5ebaff1.jpg

 photo 3_zpse9fcf369.jpg

And ice cream :heart: 
 photo 7_zps14de4383.jpg

 photo 5_zpsb546e677.jpg
... Why am I wearing my cape you ask? Cause I was planning on taking my sweater and took this by mistake. I looked like an idiot walking around like that in the center of the city xD

 photo 4_zpse5c88efa.jpg
German friends, always so helpful. Hanna actually put my cape in front of my face and thought it was funny to take pics like that. Yeaaah xD

WorldCosplaySummit and Comiket Japan
I could make a journal full of Japan pics, but no one is interested in that, so here are a few from both events we've been to! 

 photo 1_zps317f01c4.jpg

Meet Kyojin Kun! He's my new best friend. He wasn't all that happy to be between 2 Eren's 

 photo 2_zps7ad0f267.jpg

 photo 3_zpscf28a1a2.jpg
Agertgyey! The Asians all make such good cosplayers! This armin was SO cute! And she was extremely happy that she could take pictures with us. 

After the event, we decided to stay a little bit longer before going back to the hotel. We saw these cosplayers and just REALLY needed a picture with them. 
 photo 1_zps70c450ca.jpg
Rivaille was not impressed... Or well, maybe a little bit. 

 photo 2_zps9367cdd6.jpg

On Saturday evening, right before the end of the event, we met the cosplayer Reika.  photo 4_zps2b710cd6.jpg
She was really nice and it was great meeting her. One of the few people who could talk a bit of English there! *___*

 photo 999869_10153139725395604_538812856_n_zpsc29a9b88.jpg
Sunday of WCS, I took my Ike cosplay to cosplay together with Aly and K. I'm just really sad we didn't see em more >_< But! We did have a great fighting circle picture °___°

 photo 1_zps3900c7e6.jpg
Picture was made at Comiket. These Kid Eren and Kid Mikasa cosplayers were SO cute! °___° And look at me being the tall one xD 

Japan was again amazing and I can't wait to go back >_< 
I was also gonna add a few Abunai pics, but I guess that's for next time xD Since this journal is already pretty full. 

Coming up

- Elf Fantasy Fair probably. Can't make Connichi anymore ;_____;
- FACTS, hmm, maybe
- Lucca Comics, Italy. (OMGYESEXCITEDMUCH)
- Kitacon

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Dokomi / Animecon 2013

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 1:24 PM
Hey guys! It's been WAAY long too xD For the people who don't know yet, I made a facebook page a while ago! You can find it heeeeeeere -->… 
I post there way more then I do on Deviantart ^^' 

I've been to so many conventions already, and 3 more are coming up soon °_____° 

First, Dokomi 2013. I've went there with Kinlyu and Zoustache It was our first Dokomi and it was great! We hang around most day with Jaysome, Jessi and Eugi :3 We also met up with other awesome German people, but still, not enough... Wished I could have seen more people there ^^' 

The con itself was pretty huge to what I'm used to (for a convention). There was a Gigantic dealer room, so much stuff to buy °____° The bring and buy was also nice, and so was the food and the bubble tea bar outside (bubbletea :heart: ) We went to see the Eurocosplay but, to be honest, I was really dissapointed. There were no impressive costumes and the acts weren't all that great.... but well, all in all, I still enjoyed the convention a lot ^^

Since we didn't really have time to make new costumes, we decided to wear something old on Saturday :3

 photo 941807_570423362989073_297715034_n_zps7718b2a8.jpg

Our amazing fab group shot of the day~ I'm not sure anymore what Jessi and Eugi were cosplaying... something something nurse... I'm sure it's that :3
But still, no one is as fabulous as the Ginga Bishounen! Especially when I didn't get enough sleep xD Man, I was so tired °____°

 photo 1_zps0847c5db.jpg
We didn't really take that many pictures °____° Since I don't have a camera anymore >_<. I'll get another one sooooon! I promise ^^'

Well, on sunday, we did do a new cosplay, but I didn't really like mine at all ^^' Zou and Kinlyu did a great job on their costume, just as great as Jessii and Eugi :heart: They looked so amazing! This is our groupshot Bare feeeeet! The water was so cold! xDD
 photo 429842_570425209655555_905152342_n_zps91cc8260.jpg

I wore Arata only for a photoshoot, since I wasn't really feeling all that great in it. But the photos (made by Jay) look amazing! You can find all pictures here on his page -->…
But you can't have a photoshoot without having at least a few derpshots D: Even if those derpshots look like this 

 photo 600577_570424262988983_997325043_n_zps4719001f.jpg
(LeavemealoneItoldyouIdidntlikeit) xD

Or this!
 photo 972316_570425309655545_205782550_n_zps26aea096.jpg
I really hope I'll be able to cosplay with them again soon :heart: It was so much fun! And it was warm that day!

If you know the series, you'll get this xD If not, just think that both guys in the picture are Arata :3 So same same really~
 photo 960126_570422639655812_1646250923_n_zps299d28c4.jpg

After our shoot, I switched into Jaden. I'm so glad I took it with me and had actual shoes on xD Never made shoes from scrap people, it was not funny... Right Zou? XD

Animecon cosplay video made by Jaysome -->…

Sooooo, for Animecon 2013, Kinlyu, Nisse and me (Nisse is the guy who knows how to design stuff. He's really awesome at what he does <333)  decided to make something new. Sooo, why not make your long time dreamcosplay in 2 months. "SURE! NO PROBLEM!" I said without thinking it through... Well, lesson learned, I'm never doing that again, like ever... EVER... Did I say Ever?  
But well, we finished right on time (kinda) and this is what came out :3 

Haseo - Dot Hack // GU by ShamanRenji

Pretty cool right ;D  
As I've loved Haseo for such a long time, and already made his second version, I thought it would be time for his agzthgthyhyt version °____°.

 photo 983789_10152885158635472_1506873581_n_zps7f7566a0.jpg
We entered the competition and it was loads of fun, although we didn't really win anything xD

 photo 5538_579134808784595_1983104610_n_zps43fb5636.jpg

These were our costumes. I hope to wear him again soon, but I know that won't be possible since it'll need fixing ^^' 
So Friday was pretty much allll behind stage day D: Still fun! Had pictures with a few photographers... But I'm never happy xD

Saturday, I started of wearing Haseo again cause I kinda wanted pictures with Jay... So it took me an hour again to wear it aaaaand after that I was ready for pictures. We also met up again with Nico AKA Trondude from the Japan Expo finals last year! 

 photo 226715_669019343114467_714279939_n_zpsb24f5592.jpg 
If you wanna check him out (you should he's great) you can here! -->…

 After that I pretty much had a fun day chilling with Zoustache and :kinlyu: in our pirate GX outfits! 
 photo 976582_346282485475415_759826651_o_zps7c1c6a59.jpg 
Pirates Yar D:

 photo 1017079_579135345451208_1272859959_ncopy_zpsb07955d3.jpg
Aaaand Nico also gave me alcohol. He said 'if you can drink this, you'll be a real pirate'. So I did! Bitter shit xD 

We watched the competition and it was pretty decent ^___^ Much better then I expected it to be. After that, party time! Well, not really party time, we just had a drink with some friends and sat in the novotel bar xD It was still really good to meet up with German and Dutch friends :heart: It's been a while since I've seen em.

We went to bed pretty early (? like 1ish?) cause we were still tired from the day before °____° It was a really fun but hard convention for all of us xD 

On sunday we did Kuroko no Basuke for the first time with all three of us! Aaaahyeaaaah! And it looked like we were the only Kuroko cosplayers there as well. How you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA! 
 photo 2_zps40d50be0.jpg
I've also got to meet the amazing Calssara and she was soooooo cuuute <3 And she liked Kuroko °___° It was so great! I've also had a really fun shoot with Casper. Our photographer for the day xD 
Kuroko No Basuke - Kise by ShamanRenji
Animecon did a great job changing location like they did. It wasn't overly crouwded. It was just amazing. The staff was amazing. And of course I have to give my big thanks to Niels and Jeroen for giving us the freedom to leave our stuff backstage for a while °____° :hug: I'm defo going back there next year! And booking my hotel sooner then other years as well xD

About a month after that we had Japan Expo 2013 in Paris! Omg I always look SO forward to Japan Expo! Buuuut, I decided to do another journal about that since this one is already pretty full! (I just saw I have 20 pictures of japan expo alone... before that, about 50... xD) 
Hope you guys enjoyed seeing these derpy pictures xD And see you soon! 

Convention update~

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 25, 2013, 2:19 PM

Gallery | RagnART | +Watch ME | Note ME

I'm so sorry I haven't been on DA all that much anymore ^^' I haven't been all that busy with cosplay in general anymore. But now that I lost my job, I guess it's time to get busy again 8D

Soooo, not that much happened so far... We had YCS. It was great! I had loads of fun, but I don't really want to talk about it all that much ^^' Stuff happened, let's just skip the pictures~

:bulletwhite: For Made in Asia, we did GX and made our new CMV together with our Syrus! She fit it sooooo well °___° I really hope we can do this again sometimes! If you wanna check it out, you can see it heeeere -->…

This was our grooooup! Syrus's glasses kept falling off xD If saw so sad, but also kinda funny D: But just kinda! Kinlyu did Jim instead of Kaiser and Zoustache did Kenzan instead of Bastion. Rip Bastion, you will be missed xD Johan did Johan and I still did Jaden... FOREVER BESTIES!

 photo 304315_10200897001686687_362020848_n_zps312fcbb5.jpg

And of course, at every convention, we need at least one derp groupshot D:

 photo 885988_10200988826708555_1733331324_o_zps1d382142.jpg
Kenzan and Jim are making the same expression... What... guys... XD

Well, it wasn't really that amazing, tbh, but no Belgium convention ever is! It's the people that make it fun, and as far as I know, I have the best friends I could wish for. Except for maybe Syrus... Cause really, who likes him anyway xDD (I kid I kid! I love her to  bits XDD)

On Sunday we did Egypt version YuGiOh xD But since I don't have a decent picture of that yet, you'll just have to wait xD Sorry guys xD

So uhm, next thing we went to was BIFFF. Belgium International Fantastic Film Festival? Is that right?... /care xD
We did our Kuroko outfits there for the first time, cause we didn't really have a chance so far. It wasn't really a convention, it's small, there's nothing to do, but again, I was there with Kinlyu and Zoustache as my fellow KnB-ers and rori-poppu as Sasha (cause she didn't have another cosplay at her student house thingy~

 photo 905230_10151825485624307_31117260_o_zpsde905f11.jpg
This was us, together with MajinMarron xD She's not in cosplay, but she's totally pretending to be my girlfriend yep...

 photo 482654_10201098931102335_1382905806_n_zpsa29ffd0c.jpg
Derping, cause just normal pics don't do.
Kise; *lick*
Kagami; ... da fuck are you doing?
Sasha; I don't mind, let him be D:

 photo 891571_442106362538597_584399220_o_zpsb2317d12.jpg
We also met these great people there. They were fun to talk to ^^ They kept us company when we got to do but hang around xD
Also, Dat awkward moment when she tells you she hurt herself by playing basketball... while I was like ... HOW DO I BASKETBALL?!

Urr, I guess that's pretty much it xD Boring cosplay year so far... I know it wasn't as 'interesting' as my other journals...BUT!
Tune in next time to find out what I will do at Dokomi/Japantag in Dusseldorf and after that, amazing adventures at Animecon in Den Haag!

So just to be clear, these are my upcoming conventions ^^
18-19/05 -> Dokomo - Dusseldorf, Germany
25/05 -> JapanTag - Dusseldorf, Germany
31-2/05 -> Animecon - The Hague,The Netherlands
4-7/07 -> Japan Expo - Paris, France
11-12/08 -> Comiket - Tokyo, Japan
23-25/08 -> Abunai - Veldhoven, The Netherlands

If you recognise me, come and say hiiii! 8DD

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My year 2012

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 18, 2012, 2:47 PM
My year 2012 started with Newyears at Zoustache's place :3

How did we not see that would be besties soooon xD First time cosplaying Jaden together with Johan 8D

:bulletwhite: And this was our first time drunk together... Aren't we cute xDDDD Ah man, good times

Soon after that, I had a shoot with kumivonspietzenberg and ReiIchi5
YuGiOh - Seto Kaiba by ShamanRenji YuGiOh - Nevermind by ShamanRenji YuGiOh GX - Jaden Yuki by ShamanRenji

:bulletwhite:It was great getting to know Rei better at that time! We had so much fun together although it was really freezing out there xD

:bulletwhite: My red nose can show you how cold it was!

:bulletwhite: Not to mention that I couldn't even keep my cards between my fingers... I dropped them at least 10 times cause of the cold xD And since I can't pick up my cards in Kaiba, Rei had to do that for me. It was kinda funny xDD

I did Tsunacon after that, but the day before I had an amazing photoshoot with kumivonspietzenberg and Kinlyu
YuGiOh - Starshipping by ShamanRenji Starshipping -  I Like It Like That by ShamanRenji

And that even before she was my girlfriend ;D

:bulletwhite: Kumi had way to much fun making these pictures! And editing them as well xDD We need to do this again! It was great :heart:

Not really a convention, but something I will never forget is the YCS in Leipzig! It was so great to be the only cosplayers there! Also kinda weird, cause people thought we were getting payed to do it by konami. We were treated like VIPs! I would do it again without a doubt!

:bulletwhite: I totally won that duel... I REALLY DID XD

:bulletwhite: Eat that Yusei wig! EAT IT JADEN >8D

After that, Made in Asia! Did two cosplays I didn't really want to, but I had so much fun doing the twins together with :devsoph-hime: and the dad cosplay with Zoustache

:bulletwhite: We totally got :devrori-puppu: squeeling, it was kinda really cute xD She's such a big twin fan!

:bulletwhite: Daaaad, we should do this again right! Only did this cosplay once so far ;___; Although being blue... not so great xDD

We did a shoot for Rei in Japanese Garden in Hasselt! our first Yugioh shoot with the three of us... So much derping xDD

Yu-Gi-Oh!GX - Bromance by rori-poppu
:bulletwhite: Broooomaaance!

:bulletwhite: Yusei: NO JADEN! NOOOOOO WHYYY NOOO!
Emo Yusei was being emo xD


:bulletwhite: We can not take a shoot seriously for long... Nope xD

April, usually my fav cosplay month! Because of Kitacon! :heart: My kitacon in 2011 was amazing! SO amazing! The one in 2012 was nice, really! But, nothing beats a first time huh! Now only to wait for 2014!!

YuGiOh - Better Than You by ShamanRenji YuGiOh GX - Heroes Live On by ShamanRenji

:bulletwhite: Looking fab right :heart: Love these outfits with these character :3

:bulletwhite: I was probably fangirling over stuff... Hurr xD

:bulletwhite: This was my first time joining the cosplay chess as well! It was so cool! Although I died right after killing Vergil! ... Bastard had it coming

:bulletwhite: AquaAssassin helping us pose for our shoot! It was nice! She's so patient with me. I totally always know what I want xD Thanks hun :hug:

I can add all the kitacon pictures, but if you wanna see those, I have a seperate journal from that convention xDD

I didn't do much in May and June °___° That's kinda weird XDD

But July! Started with Japan Expo :heart:
YuGiOh - Seto Kaiba by ShamanRenji YuGiOh GX - The Last Stand by ShamanRenji YuGiOh GX - Haou Judai and Hell Johan by ShamanRenji YuGiOh GX - Haou Judai by ShamanRenji YuGiOh GX - Supreme King Jaden by ShamanRenji


:bulletwhite:  Haou times with Ari as Johan! So much love for both of these cosplays. SO MUCH!

:bulletwhite:  No comment

:bulletwhite:  More elevator fun times! Or well, not for Haou D:

:bulletwhite: Perfect :3

A few weeks after, we had Animagic in Bonn, Germany! My first real German con, it was great!!
Met some amazing people and first heard of the game 'Rhythm heaven' for Wii. Bought it afterwards xD (yes, that's a highlight for sure XDD)

:bulletwhite: It's kinda sad that I can't eat in Haou huh... So I had Kinlyu feed me D: Worth it :3

:bulletwhite: Kaiba will never eat sushi again after this~

:bulletwhite: When you're hungry, everything is food...

:bulletwhite:  I'm not a kids person, so it was really weird to have a smiling kid on the picture with me ^^'

Between all of this we did another shoot with Kumi, she came over to Belgium again and we had loads of derp fun xDD
YuGiOh: How to ruin a date by Kinlyu

:bulletwhite: Qualiy time with Yusei is always ruined by Johan...


Abunai was the next convention! We were guests there, it was just amazing. A first time experience for everything huh ^^

:bulletwhite: SenpaiEri joined us, I'm so glad she did really! It was amazing with her and I hope she'll join us again next year ^^
... so small xDD

:bulletwhite: POSE FOR THE FANS! Kinlyu, Zou and Kimi. We so fab~

:bulletwhite: Dadpicture! Cause every con needs one~

:bulletwhite: The GeneX usual congroup xD Needs more derp

:bulletwhite: Kuriboh stealing my attention... Still pretty nice shot though xD

Septembre... ALCON! ALCON! ALCON!
For sure one of the best convention feelings I ever had, if not the best
StapleSundae joined the usual group as Manjoume together with our amazing Yugi IshimaruK21

YuGiOh - Protagonists by ShamanRenji Yu-Gi-Oh! - Bonds Beyond Time by ShamanRenji YuGiOh GX - Morning class by ShamanRenji YuGiOh - Kaiba and Yugi by ShamanRenji YuGiOh - Rivals by ShamanRenji

So many awesome memories, so many feels
FEEEEEEELS! Still missing it. I think that says enough~

:bulletwhite: How do I dueldisk...

:bulletwhite:Another Father/son :hug: Zou xD

:bulletwhite: Meeting ShadyVox, Uhh, one of my best conmoments, ever, yesplzomgagaingasmagain!!!!

:bulletwhite: ELEVATOR PICTURESS! :heart:

:bulletwhite: Puppyship, for sure the best ship from the first series

:bulletwhite: Second best conmoment ever :heart: Meeting Little Kuriboh

Alcon, I can write journals full about Alcon! And I did xD

October is and will always be FACTS month
Wasn't great, like always, but at least we had fun filming and derping!
YuGiOh GX - YARR! by ShamanRenji Digimon - Play My Game by ShamanRenji


:bulletwhite: Was a really random idea to do this, but I regret nothing. Doing it again when I can xD


And digimon :3

Never ask a kid to join your CMV, he'll make you laugh in about 90% of the parts °___°

Japan Expo Belgium well... uhm... suuuucked xD
We had fun cause of the people, but I'm really more used to bigger cons °___° Kinda weird, but hey ^^'

Shaman King - A Shaman's Journey by ShamanRenji

I loved cosplaying Shaman King though. After ALL those years ;____;

:bulletwhite: YuGiOh group, finally a full group! Well, a full group with Ari in it. Was happy to wear Kaiba again °___°


:bulletwhite: We're all so pretty together

:bulletwhite: AllOfOurYuGiOhLove!

The last thing I did was a snowshoot with Kinlyu, Staple and Ari!
OH THE FUN (and cold, oh so cold...)
YuGiOh GX - Snow Problem by ShamanRenji

:bulletwhite: SNOWBALL FIIGHT! *running*

:bulletwhite: Never a dull time with Johan and Jaden :3

:bulletwhite: Urrr... Just Johan

:bulletwhite: Happy Holidays you guys :heart:

Looking back on all of this, I really have nothing to complain about. I had a great year with great friends and great conventions :3 Of course it had a few downsides as well, but with friends like these, I can only look at the positive ones!

:iconkinlyu: :iconrori-poppu: :iconzoustache: :iconreiichi5: :iconstaplesundae: :heart:
You guys are awesome!

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Selling cosplays + wigs

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 11:03 AM
So hey guys!
Since I've been cosplaying for a while now, I stacked up on a lot of costumes I don't really use anymore °____°…

If you're interested in any of them, please check here ^^

Some costumes I'll be selling

-- Ferb - Phineas and Ferb -- Size S
Phineas and Ferb - Carpe Diem by ShamanRenji Phineas And Ferb - Game on by ShamanRenji

-- Emperor Lelouch - Code Geass -- Size S
Code Geass - Black Angels by ShamanRenji CodeGeass - Emperor and Knight by ShamanRenji
It hurts me a lot to have to sell this but I don't think I'll wear it again ;____; So it's looking for a new home

-- School Uniform - Code Geass -- Size M
Code Geass - Afterlife by ShamanRenji CG - Turn Your Back by ShamanRenji

-- Green and Red Toon Link - Legend of Zelda -- Size M
Legend Of Zelda - Four Swords by ShamanRenji

-- Artwork Lelouch - Code Geass -- Size S - M
Code Geass - PRECIOUS by ShamanRenji

-- Frau - 07Ghost -- Size S - M
07Ghost - Because I can by ShamanRenji 07Ghost - Frontline by ShamanRenji

-- Zero Season 2 - Code Geass -- Size M
Code Geass - Surrender by ShamanRenji You will die when I say you do by ShamanRenji

-- Jio Freed - 666 Satan -- Size S
Jio Freed - Get it over with by ShamanRenji

-- Zero Season 1 - Code Geass -- Size S
Lelouch close up by ShamanRenji

-- Death the Kid - Soul Eather -- Size S
SE - Liz punch by ShamanRenji

Check the facebook link for more! If you're interested, please let me know, PM for price or make your own bid!

Thanks for looking :heart:

OH! And thanks for all the penpal offers! I can't write to all of you though, so I chose just a few ;____; If they don't write though, I'll pick a new one ;D  I might even just put my adress open so if you wanna write a letter, you can! Cause I do love writing letters °____°

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FACTS 2012

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 8, 2012, 4:24 AM

:iconkinlyu: :iconshamanrenji: :iconzoustache: :iconstaplesundae: :iconreiichi5: :iconrori-poppu: :iconxxmykaxx:

Ehhh, pretty journal is pretty!

So, normally I would rant about how epic this expo/convention was. Buttt it wasn't really xD So I'll just let you know what I still remember of the nicer times ^^

We did make a CMV that you can check out here!…
This was really fun to make ^^
So friday, I went to help Azzy (Aztek TV) with the buildup of the stand and take pictures all around the expo.
In the evening, we went to Elly's place, cause we were gonna sleep over there for the weekend :3 Thanks again for letting us staaay!

So Saturday, we decided on a Pirate GX group, cause uhm... awesome xD?
YuGiOh GX - YARR! by ShamanRenji

YARR MUCH! Ahhyeah, we're a bunch of idiots for doing this... But it was so SO much funnn!
JOHAAAAAAN~ *runs in slowmotion*

If you saw the CMV, you must remember this part!
Best (and most painful) part to film~

We had a few shoots, had some fun talking to people and explaining why we cosplayed this xD I'm not gonna say it here °___° You'll all figure it out soon enough~

I have awesome friends! But they're also idiots D: Yep~

But of course, I'm Cap Jaden D: If anyone, I'm the leading idiot of the group :3 (and proud!)

Jaden; doesn't know what's going on

How is it that everyone always laughs with Jaden's hair looking like a Kuriboh D: Cause guess what! IT DOES NOT -____-"

Dem horrible people who wanted us to say something on cam. I said no 3 times at least before giving in D:




Cheff Kenzan made us some food!!!... But it sucked so we decided on fries D:

Manjoume sure loves his fries >____> It's even kinda scary.
Johan on the other hand, has loads of swag, like always D:
"I'm so fab you guuuuys"

We do love our Winged Duriboh
Bastion had it coming D:
(Also, Johan stole my Duriboh ;____; He doesn't want to return it. The bastard.)

This was pretty epic as wel. Orochimarisu let us steal her Loki stick (yep, stick). Pirates steal stuff, deal with it D:. *runs off*

We couldn't leave a part of us dueling out right?
Johan totally won, and no, not because I helped him.
... okay, maybe a little

DAT flag! I loved it sooo much °___° Sanne put so much time in it and it came out perfect. It's not part of my roomdecoration xD

Johan painted a small version of the rainbowdragon on there~ Can you see it? ;D


End of the first day

Sunday was digimon day D:

Digimon - Play My Game by ShamanRenji
Hope to get a better picture soon >_<

This was our full group! Glad to have the (almost) entire group together! It was great fun and people also seemed to recognise it a lot ^^
Everytime I see the pictures, it reminds me I really need a new wig for Matt though. Like really D: I was so dissapointed when it arrived >_<

We did loads of filming again (so much that we got sick of it pretty fast xD)
But I'm happy with the result~
The TK is Tai's little brother in real life! He was the cutest TK ever °____° :heart:

Although whenever we were filming, my mind went to TK cause he was derping around a lot xD (cause well, he's still a kid XD)

Zou was bigger then all of us and was supposed to be Izzy! So she had to sit on her ass all the time xD She was 'very cute' though xDD (sorry dad, makes me laugh)

TK; *glare* Don't you dare tough my fries D:
Joe; *sadface* Okay... *eats burger*

... Well, that's about it I guess xD Probably one of the crappiest and most... bleh journals I ever made xD
If you ever want to visit a Belgium 'Expo' (since we don't have conventions) Don't visit FACTS cause there's nothing to do if you're not into buying stuff ^^'

I don't think I'll make a Japan Expo Belgium journal cause we didn't have that much fun there as well xD Ah man so sad...
I wanna visit America °_____°

Thanks for reading guys!~

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Our CosplayGroup : GeneX

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 10, 2012, 12:45 PM

Aaaah, well, after all this time, I was thinking of making this journal, just to... 'promote' our group a little ;D

Why? Cause uhm... I don't really have anything else to do xDD Ah man... yep, evenings much xD

:bulletblack:Who are we?:bulletblack:

GeneX, cosplaygroup from Belgium, 6 members, all girls xD (nope, none of us are guys xD)
You can find us here --> if you wanna follow us for more... Stuff xD

If you're reading this, you probably all know me XD
ShamanRenji,22 years old,  living in the pretty awesome Belgium. Cosplaying for a while now! Feeling really old at conventions :3

My favorite cosplays so far
YuGiOh GX - Supreme King Jaden by ShamanRenji YuGiOh GX - Heroes Live On by ShamanRenji Star Driver - Distraction by ShamanRenji

Star Driver: Ray of Light by Kinlyu YuGiOh: Unity of Duelists by Kinlyu YuGiOh: Hell Kaiser by Kinlyu

YGO Tristan by Zoustache Nurarihyon by Zoustache Kagami Taiga by Zoustache

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Hell Johan by rori-poppu   Kuroko Tetsuya by rori-poppu Johan anderson by rori-poppu

Dark Magician Girl Japan Expo 2012 by ReiIchi5 There's a lot of fruit on the floor today! by ReiIchi5 MATRYOSHKA TWINS by ReiIchi5

derpbird by StapleSundae Amaimon again :p by StapleSundae Tomoe Mami by StapleSundae

BUT! Of course, this isn't all! We're also very much

YuGiOh GX by Zoustache Yu-Gi-Oh! - Bonds Beyond Time by ShamanRenji YuGiOh GX - Haou Judai and Hell Johan by ShamanRenji YGO by Zoustache YGO 2 by Zoustache

Hurrrrr~ I love these people xD!

Wanna know more, check out this -->…

We do loads of derpy CMVs together cause we enjoy doing those most.
Like… or…

We love YuGiOh! As you can see from our cosplays and from this CMV ;D…

Our first two CMVs had another member in it, but she couldn't continue because she was to busy with other stuff~… or…

:bulletred: If you wanna ask us anything, we'll answer your questions in our next video, so let me know, kay ;D :bulletred:

We plan on doing a lot of cosplays together, cause everyone knows cosplaying as a group is WAY more fun then cosplaying alone ;3

We're always looking for songs to do CMVs on! So if you have any suggestions, let me know as well! Don't just pick a song you like though... It usually don't works if it doesn't have a little bit of story behind it :3

Uhh, I guess that's it! I'm gonna continue sticking YuGiOh stuff to my wall... CAUSE I CAN! Yep~
Random journal was kinda random xD heh~

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Alcon 2012 - BEST ALCON EVER! PART 2!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 4:14 AM
:iconkinlyu: :iconshamanrenji: :iconzoustache: :iconstaplesundae: :iconaquaassassin: :iconishimaruk21:

Took way longer then I thought XD But well, let's do this!
Our CMV from Alcon -->…

See part 1 here -->…

:bulletwhite: Saturday
Haou time! Or well, kind of xD I had to leave most of my costume at home cause it was to much to take on the train ^^' We had Gemma coming over as well. It was soooo good seeing her again. And our Yugi from yesterday turned into a girl D: (she was cosplaying Mai from Avatar. Still love her :3)

After waiting forever to get into the dealerroom (no not really, but it was a while) I found this awesome Yugi there  Of course had to buy it :3

Later on, we found LK again. So I had my figurine signed! Well at least the box. Look at me fangirling over it xD
(Also, check Amala's amazing shirt! :3)

We also asked him to prankcall a friend, and he was happy to do it! so ~rori-poppu had the time of her life when she was on the phone with him xD Or well, that's what we heard ;D We recorded it and should really put it on facebook soon or something...

Also had some other stuff signed! Like this awesome BBT poster  
Hurrdurr Haou's so happy AND SO IN CHARACTER YEP!
(someone came asking me if my yellow contacts were my real eyes... I said yes and he actually believed me... /lesigh xD)

After another gweat morning, we decided on ELEVATOR PICTURES! Cause it's something that has to be done if we find an elevator :3
Manjoume tried taking pictures outside of it, but then it closed on her xD So funny~

My wig needs his part of the attention D8<
First decent picture with all of us actually visable xD (but still, all of the Jaden wig!)

You have nothing on my cape Thor >:3 Not that I'm a... superhero or anything...but still! NOTHING!

Foodtime 8D Instead of getting crappy cheap food at the supermarket, we got crappy cheap warm food from this... place... they had fries? and uhm, burgers D: But also loads of other things... what is that XD

Urrr, that's all I have from during the day xD We decided to get dressed for our party/fancy/ball outfits after that :3
That's right Bastion... All of it~

We ordered Chinese food, cause we were... into Chinese food at that moment xD It was that or pizza :3
Watcha gonna take Yusei? I'm thinking off ordering... all of it °___°

We didn't know how long it was gonna take. They said max 45min... And it took 50min. THEY LIED TO US AND WE DIDNT EVEN GET OUT FOOD FREE D:!
Manjoume went to pic it up with Yugi and Bastion was so happy with that. But really, we all were D: Starving much D:

So we sat down, took out our food, got ready to... wait... something's wrong here. I don't see any forks... or chopsticks...
... fuck D:
So yeah, we did what every person would do... EAT IT WITH OUR HANDS!
Omnomnom! LIKE Real pirates~
But... more careful. Didn't want meatspots on our fancy outfits :3

I ordered chicken and got something totally different D: Or that's how English chicken tasts... but I'm pretty sure it was pork xD Didn't really eat much of it, cause pork...
I tried putting rice in the cup and drinking it rather then eating it with my hands... Well, that failed xD Only thing that happened was my face covered with rice D:

Food (urrr) done?
Oh Jaden :heart: My derpy face can't get much derpier~~

The panel was about to start, so I went to Shady and LK, gave them some sweet Belgium booze. They seemed to like it :3
Ah man, that late night panel with the abridgers. Have never seen anyone get drunk so fast...

It was a night to remember, for sure!
Now that I mention that, the rest of the night... Is kind of a blur to me D: I do remember parts of it! LIKE KUMBAYA MY LORD! KUMBAYAAAA! LK started singing it, everyone just joined in. It was amazing! And so drunk! Have I said drunk already?

I did this video with LK... Well... Yeah... I regret all of it so much xD I look up to him, adore him... And then I do stuff like this xD Never drinking again! (who am I kidding of course I will :3)  If you wanna see it, urr... check this link!…
I'm keeping this hidden, so please don't go sending it to other people ^^' I

So urrr, yeah xD I also remember going up to Shady, he was just as drunk as I was.. So that was kinda cool xD He was so chill. Asked X to duel me. Cause well, who wouldn't want a drunk duel huh xD We didn't cause of reasons. Maybe for the best xD

Enough for this day, moving on to the next! Whoop!~

:bulletwhite: Sunday

Woke up without a hangover, ah yeah :heart:
Kaiba time! Although, I was NOT looking forward to walking on high heels all day, I gave it... another shot.

Sitting is such a pain in this coat ;___; You have no idea D:
But well, this came out pretty great xD
Another panel huh? Yep, that's what we do :3 Lk's again, it was fun! Although there weren't really a lot of YuGiOh cosplayers left. Was kinda weird °___°

Panel done, great! Moved on to my first duel of the weekend! (cause no one of my friends want to duel me... Assholes xD)
My duel with Xthedarkone... I was pretty nervous at first for no reason really cause he's such a good guy D: I'm superhappy we met him and his girlfriend there :3 I would love to meet them again someday! All of the abridgers really!

After Kinlyu dueled him as well, we moved outside again for some filming before we got stopped by a puppyshipping fangirl who wanted me and Joey to take some pictures... Urrr, *awkward stare* sure!
YES, I totally ship this! TOTALLY

More filming followed
Kaiba is not amused D:<
(although it might not look like it, I was actually dancing xD)

and of course
This was just asking for it...

The usual... :3

Moved on back to the middle of the road, cause I needed some pictures with my Yugi! And our dear Sephi and Mimixum did a wonderfull job 8D :heart: Thanks again guys!

YuGiOh - Kaiba and Yugi by ShamanRenji Yu-Gi-Oh! - Bonds Beyond Time by ShamanRenji

But before every shoot with Kaiba, my coat needs to be pulled straight... And well, since I can't do it myself...

Time for the serious shit!

Our Sephi and Kaiba derp pic of the day! We have those from every convention we go to together~ It's like, our thing xD

Moving back to change back into Jaden to film our last part. I was so sick of my coat... SO I had my slaves carry it for me :3


Changed much! Time for some awesome epic time with the abridgers again xD
They were all so amazing for doing this for us :heart: *still so impressed that agreed to it*

Ahhh Yami hugging Yami, isn't it cute xD

Mimixum with her awesome plush thingy.. Fatbat... Why doesn't it have it's own card like Kuriboh D:

Were kinda tired after that, but decided to film our last parts anyway.

We went for food with our new friends after that, had a great evening and were SO sad that Alcon was coming to an end. I'm determined to go back next year. We met a lot of people, we had so much fun there. So for me, best convention I did this year, for sure.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! I'm sorry it took a while, but I was kinda busy, haha...

Thanks for support and uhm... see ya soon ;D

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Alcon 2012 - BEST ALCON EVER! PART 1!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 20, 2012, 2:34 PM
:iconkinlyu: :iconshamanrenji: :iconzoustache: :iconstaplesundae: :iconaquaassassin: :iconishimaruk21:

See part 2 here -->…

Meeting Shady, LK and XtheDarkOne *fanmode ON*

This... might be a pretty long journal... SO BEWARE XD

And if you haven't seen it yet, our new CMV is up as well 8D Check it out here!

We had so much fun making itttttt :heart: :heart:

Let's start with arriving shall we 8D Took us a while to get at Alcon from Belgium. Had to take multiple trains but it was SO worth it!
Arrived around... 4ish? Unpacked our stuff and got ready for half a day of ALCON FUN! Sofia was kinda tired cause of her trip, so she went to bed early (to get ready for her Yugiiii the day after xD :heart: )

After all these years, I pulled Death the Kid from my closet! MEMORIES! But... This only made it more awesome. I couldn't believe how awesome Soul Eater still was D: SO MUCH LOVE for our cosplay. It's CRAZY!

Fucking with my symmetry...

SOUL! If you bite one, you better bite the other one as well! D:!!

We were Pirates in the Alcon... stuffiesstuff... I don't really know anymore. You had to do stuff to make your clan win... well, pirates lost.. BUT we don't talk about that, NOPE! Awesome conbadges though 8D (We love pirates sooo much xD)

I saw Shadyvox passing but was to scared to go talk to him ;___; Ah man, all my feels. So nervous... Heh... So I didn't ^^' Same for LK and Xthedarkone

Well, that's about it I guess for Thursday. It was already pretty late, we were tired, went for a few drinks and then slept.

Jaden Yuki - Bonds Beyond Time

We got up WAY to early, cause we had a pretty full day of filming ahead of us D: Met Sofia and the gang at 9.30 AND FILMING WE WENT /swoosh!
You have to see the CMV if you wanna understand this journal fully... DO IT! xDD

We all looked so pretty so early in the morning :heart:

DID YOU KNOW THAT HAD LOADS OF SWANS IN THE UK! I WAS SO IMPRESSED! AND THEY HISS LIKE CATS! (and like me from time to time °_____°) Swans are my new fav animals. Sorry peacock!

Everybody loves Kuriboh! LOVES :3 DOEDELA MOFO

After a bit of filming, it was time to visit Shady and LK's panel °___°
And we invaded the classroom with our GX characters and took pictures! BECAUSE WE HAD TOOO. Duel academy? Close enough


Manjoume's so evil ;___; I wasn't sleeping! I was... reading my papers... from... this close by... cause... I'm... Uhh... Flawless :3

'Does it look weird when I sit like this?
I mean... I like sitting like this...
Is it weird to cross your legs when you're a guy?'

... Now that that's over D: We got chased outside cause weren't supposed to be in the classroom. Not that anyone told us about it when we were taking pictures for... an hour or so... So well, we left, but then LK, Shady and X were just coming up!
WE TOTALLY MET LK! FFFF :heart: He seemed pretty happy with us as well :D Or well, I hope he was. He's such a nice guy ;___; It was so great meeting him! And of course, we had to take a picture of us together with the group.

We couldn't stay there... (really again), so we waited close by
First up was the Shady and Xthedarkone panel. Loved it so much °___° Was kinda scared to say ANYTHING at all... Really, normally I'm not like this at all xD

Loads of people, although cause we were waiting for EVER we got awesome seats :3

Fab group of fabulousness~

In this picture, you can see the drink that Xthedarkone took and drank without knowing it was ours xD .... and then destroyed xD Yep~ When we told him afterwards, he was so embarrased! It was kinda cute xD
These were the guys giving the panels at that time (Should have only been LK's panel after Shady/X's but everyone joined in :3)

The panels were awesome! And what happened afterwards was just hnnnn for me :heart:
Totally had the courage to talk to Shadyvox (with light pressure from Aisha and the girlfriend... >_>)
I couldn't act normal around him and well... DURR.

AZHREHTZE! That's how I reacted :3
We brought chocolate for all the abridgers, to have them pick!... What I did was give the entire bag to Shady...
While Kinlyu was like 'uhh, what are you doing'

ONWARDS! more filming and derping and filming while derping D:

Yami: And that Jaden, is where babies come from!
Chazz: LOL
Jaden: ... .___.

This picture is to awesome for drawings. BEST SHADOWS EVER!

More filming! This part was really hard to do! And I love how this picture turned out! We're all so... In character (lol nope! xD)
Chazz: Could I like my own nose? Have to try °___°
Bastion: Woh... spaced out man...
Jaden: What! What's going on!
Yugi: ... I'm surrounded by idiots

Myspace shot! Cause one is needed at least every convention Aisha goes to as well :3 We did a good job! xD
Yusei is a pretty Ballerina D:! *swag*

Who's the king of games bitches!? That's right, all me baby~
(we had such an Yami... being in character and all)

I love my face in this one. Best face I have ever made! *proud of self* xD


Jaden has spoken *____*

After this, Chazz went to change into Paradox and Bastion into Tristan. While the four important characters went to take pictures with our Mai Valentine xD

'Real men look at their dueldisks'

We then waited about TWO HOURS for her to get back... RAHRAHRAH! I don't like waiting xD
But, it was kind of, worth it! Cause her Pawadox looked Amazing °___°

Or well, it looked better when she was being serious xD
Jaden: I keep telling you, my name's Jaden!
Yugi/Yusei: ...

I'm just here for the food!


He never saw it coming

Filmed all of the stuff paradox needed to be in! HAD SO MUCH FUN DOING THAT! During the part where Paradox runs off with the chair, she also lost all her cards while doing so... I laughed! HARD! (it's even in the CMV, but I'm sure no one will notice xD)

Starshipping, like a... Jaden and Yusei

ILY DAAAD! :heart: :3


After all of this and taking loads of pictures, we got hungry! So we got food :3

The Jaden in my was very pleased with this!

BUT! I didn't buy any! Cause come on, what will I do with raw shrimp... Really. Have you tried raw shrimp. Gross D:
SO, we started cooking! Awesome as we are~
But then suddenly, BAM, the fire alarm went off D: Whatever it was, I blame Yusei for it!
We looked so far, wearing only half our cosplay and all. Had a nice talk with the other Alcon peeps outside though xD Was nice enough~

BUT HUNGRY! So after that, we hurried inside, ate and then got ready to go PARTEH!

We partied, Chazz got kinda drunk, we all had a good laugh :3 Went to bed pretty early cause we had to get up again the next day again. Hmmhmm. ALL THE FUNS!
But you'll all have to wait for part 2 for that. Will be up in about a week ;D So for now, Enjoy! 8D

(First journal I ever had to split up °___° BEST ALCON EVER!)

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Animagic 2012

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 9, 2012, 11:51 AM
It was kinda great :3 I had fun~
Can't end a journal with this huh? I'll show you ALL the derps xD

Went together with Pallieter

Aaron and Chibi Kaiba <3

and of course, Haou and Kinlyu

We left on fridaymorning. It was pretty horrible getting up at like, 7 (yes, I like sleeping ;__;.) Drove for about 1.5h and arrived in Bonn! Yes, closer then most germans even. I laugh at you xD (you know who you are >:3 )

Good thing we parked the car some place chill
Damnit belt!

Cosplaying Kaiba, cause I can. Was not the best idea I ever had in 34°. Leather pants, Y U BE so leather-y D:

This is my 'I do not approve of the heat' face.

We met some really cool people on friday already. They were so nice! Cosplaying Johan and Jaden. Although it seemed like they were kinda scared of us xD
Badass Kaiba face is badass (or asshole, both are good xD)

This tales group! I loved them °___° They were all so nice and their cosplays looked so great! Thanks for letting me take pictures guys!

After we got sick of sitting around the convention, we went to look for food. Bonn is a cool city though, Sad we didn't see more of it D: (duh, cosplay)
Found a cheap all you can eat place. There was totally a reason it was cheap...
All in all, a great day though! With all the bubbletea °___°


off to an early start (or well, that was the plan...) subway was taking it's freaking time D8<

Arrived at the convention around 11ish~
Got attacked by YuGiOh fans as soon as I got my armor on! I liked it °___° People actually knowing who I'm cosplaying! I liked it a lot :heart:

Found a Yugi cosplayer. He didn't seem to recognise me... It was kinda sad

Some kids actually wanted pictures with me D: How can you be so tiny and not fear the almighty Haou! I will never understand °___°

Met there gweat people cosplaying from magi trinity blood
They be so hurrrdurrr awesome


This spartacus... one of the best things i've seen all weekend *___* Dat perfection. Kinda sad I didn't go talk to him ;__;

Zuko doing some tricks
And then BAM! Haou stealing all the attenion!
Photobomming, like a boss~

Food later that night at an amazing italian place. Cheap and really really good *___* Almost made me forget about the crappy food from the night before (not)

Pallieter looks like he's scared of the bottle. The more I look at it, the more it makes me laugh xD


Getting up early? Naaah, I don't think so xD
After packing stuff, we slooowly went on to the con. This time, taking a dif tram D:
Urrrrrrr~ I didn't really eat yet D:

Heyhey~ Yusei! Yusei! Yuuuuseeeiii!!!

This kid wanted autographs of Jaden and Yusei. Cutest- Thing- EVER *////*

The food, it's called Flammkuchen... (come on, try saying it)
It was so great. It's something French-German-y and just... Just great °__° I'm so glad Jessica was there to feed me some.
I wasn't so glad with the fact that she stole my duel disk D: What is that! Yusei! Why aren't you helping me D:

Tried to take some pictures by the river... It didn't really end well for most of us... most of us being me D:

Best convention picture, for sure! Meeting Cage and Jessica, for sure one of the highlights of the weekend :heart: I can't wait to see you guys again *__*

Our convention ended around 5ish. We went to sit down and talk to those same cosplayers from before and have derp shots... Why? Cause we can... duh


I'll probably go back next year (without a ticket). That or Connichi... or both xD Cause they all say 'Connichi is amazing blah!' So yep, probably doing that :3

Next up, Abunai

EDIT! I forget to add the most important part! °___°
Pallieter and Aaron were playing this amazing game called Rhythm Heaven!
I need that game... SO HARD!
I'll show you why :3…

This is just FFFFFF :heart:

Yep xD

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Japan Expo Paris 2012 //

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 25, 2012, 2:08 AM
Japan Expo Paris
:bulletwhite: Yeaaaaah, it was pretty amazing~ The convention was big, warm, and crouded! And as every year, really expensive /sigh But yeah... Japan Expo :heart:
And of course I had my awesome group to keep me company :heart:

Awesome group of (Kaiba's Bitches) awesome!
:iconkinlyu: :iconrori-poppu: :iconreiichi5: :iconzoustache: :iconstaplesundae:

:bulletpink: Friday :bulletpink:
Phineas and Ferb
Only day that we could see someone on the convention itself, so easy cosplay was totally needed, yep.
So yeah, we did that, walked around a bit with Kinlyu and Marie before we found part of the group!

Still gweat! Phineas and Ferb was not as popular here though. Didn't really expect anything else tbh xD We chatted, derped and swagged~

Rei and Sanne did look really good in there cosplay though. Oh so good :heart:
Manjoume! You're such a cute girl xDDD

So yeah, long day, kinda tired and all, but right before leaving, we found an agent P cosplayer! That was so cool and she was really nice to talk to as well. So that was kinda awesome :3

And when we finally wanted to leave... it was raining SO BAD D:
So yeah, we just walked to the hotel XD MEH! RAIN CANT STOP US! WOOSH~ /heropose

It was pretty cold though ;___;
When we got back at the hotel, StapleSundae got stuck to her own luggage! I died :3 Come on, how funny is this xD /still laughing much

So yeah. Afterwards we orderd pizza and derped and derped and derped some more. I love my group :heart: xD Dunno if I already said so :3

:bulletred: Saturday :bulletred:

Kaiba - YuGiOh

YuGiOh - Seto Kaiba by ShamanRenji Dark Magician Girl Japan Expo 2012 by ReiIchi5 YGO by Zoustache YGO Tristan by Zoustache

See Johan! I was wearing Kaiba and you weren't there ;D

Awesome day was awesome. Cause well YUGIOH OMG YES! We were so popular D: It was kinda scary at times D:

Kaiba: I'm stuck with these idiots... really...
Tristan: I'm here for the food!
DMG: I'm pretty! °3°
Bakura: Guys... Hello? I'm here too you know! ... Guys?

Walking to the convention, like bosses!
Well, no. I was the only boss... Cause Kaiba... Hehe... Heh...
/eats blue eyes

/hands tristan a banana
Now dance!

Nuff said

Joey: Come on moneybags, share the food!
Tristan: Bananas! I mean... chips!
Bakura: We've been starving for hours!
Kaiba: Screw the rules, I have food now!
*random hand steals food D:*

Cardgames on what? Fuck that shit! *killkillkill*

Hey wheeler. Have I said that you're a dog yet? Maybe you should bark next time. Woof! Now fetch my newspaper
Think I'd rather pee on your leg Kaiba...

After a day of being all derp and awesome, it was time to get back. But first, WEARING MY COAT!
Kaiba's minions :3 I'm sure they didn't mind :3

It was wet and I didn't want my coat to get dirty okay xD

I mean pictures...
Yes, that's what I meant...

We picked up Johan later on for our GX group on saturday! It was so good to see her again! /bestfriendhuggggg

:bulletwhite: Saturday :bulletwhite:

Yugioh GX - Haou Jaden

Haou... Haou... HAOU D:!

YuGiOh GX - Supreme King Jaden by ShamanRenji YuGiOh: Hell Kaiser by Kinlyu Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Hell Johan by rori-poppu There's a lot of fruit on the floor today! by ReiIchi5

*It's good to be the king*
-I'm handsome-

This cosplay game me so much trouble! Assholecosplayffffffmuchblah!
So yeah, but eventually, I did it! I finished him before Japan Expo. And I have to say, it was amazing wearing him together with the group. SO SO amazing! Hoping to have a grouppic soon as well :3
Don't have a lot of derppics from him. Cause he can't really be derp D:

Tried to do a shoot with Kumi, but people kept chasing us away ;__; So sad But still, derps were made! By Manjoume! xD
Johan! Y U NO STOP HUMPING MY LEG! No you can't have my outfit just because you like it D:
Bastion is not pleased... Kaiser... doesn't really care.
Alexis: Where's bob D:

Haou: I hate myself and this costume. Why did I had to become supreme king...
Alexis: Don't worry bob, it'll all be better soon /patpat

Manjoume's wig, it deserves a lot of attention cause AWESOME! FUCK YEAH!
His coat still smells though...

So much swag for the ladies~
(forever single)

(still forever single)

No you're not dude, don't lie...
(I can hear a slacker insult coming this way D: )

My expression looks the same as Rei's... it's rather creepy XDD
Alexis is making me... Stupid °____°

Had a shoot with Emzone This was the result
Yeah, no, never gonna happen Haou... I'm sorry dude... It's just not your thing.

Had to get into the elevator again later... with Haou. It was not really easy. Heh, my face says it all :3

Well, that was it for that day. It was great wearing it, but also really great to get out of. I'm glad people liked it, it really pleased me. I'll wear it again soon! Cause I do need more pictures! ALL OF THE HAOU PICTURES. sorry guys. I worked to hard on it xD

:bulletblack: Sunday :bulletblack:

YuGiOh GX - Jaden

Last day already. It was to good to end really. Was kinda sad that it was already the last day.
Let me introduce our beautiful DMG again :3

She's such a happy person :heart: xD

Can't go without derp... cannot...

We got asked to wear glasses for some kind of challenge. WE DID IT! And we looked awesome as usual :3



And then

Jaden and Johan... we had a full day of derping. CAUSEBESTFRIENDMUCHYEY

DMG: Omg, there's something infront of my lens... Get it away plskaytnx
Jaden: No... do not want...

For the first time ever cosplaying as Jaden
I had this.
And MAN was it annoying to carry around D:
Almost as annoying as the one in GXABRIDGED XD
So, I ended up letting him go home with Johan... He never returned to me ;__;

We met up with the amazing Ayumi! She's for sure one of the best cosplayers I know... I mean, really, she looks amazing *____* And she makes all of it herself D: Stupid Japanese people being awesome xDD

Had a small shoot of it all with Emi, Lauren and Carlo  in their Avatar cosplay. This is what came from it °__°

Sokka: I'm watching you...
Zuko: O-Okay?

Family looooove! Aaahyeah!

I'll keep at this, I'm sure you'll see the rest in Emi's journal soon enough :3


Well, that's it for me and my awesome Japan Expo trip of this year!
It was really FFFF amazing yep!

:bulletpurple: What else I wanted to say :bulletpurple:

Conventions I'm still joining soon!

- Animagic / All 3 days :3
- Gamescom /  Normally on Sunday
- Abunaicon / All 3 days

Hope to see some of you there! Do come say hi ;D

skin by AESD
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Kitacon 2012

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 7, 2012, 3:34 PM
(Hawkeye :heart: :heart:)


So yeah, it's been a while since Kitacon... AND I STILL MISS IT! That's just how awesome that convention is! I'm kinda really sad they won't be holding one next year >_< But hey, I'm already going to Alcon together with my bro, so it's fine ^^

Arriving WAY to early, only for :devcielingdan: NOT to pick us up at the station (don't worry, you've been forgiven xD)
Went to Dan's place first and then onto the train, TO KITACON! WOOSH!
We were pretty really o:mgsotired after having to get up... well just to early, so we didn't actually do much. Got our conbadge. Met up with Emi-zone, Cameron, PlummerC1, Chi, Zombi-zone and well, all the others! And well, after that, pretty much went to bed xD Haha.... kinda lame huh... NO! CAUSE FUN! YEP

Cosplay: Ferb - Phineas and Ferb
Hurrdurrr, enjoyed a swim in the morning with Emi, Carlo and Blasteh. Apperantly my hair was dripping orange... Note to self, don't dye hair a week before going swimming °__° Had breakfast after and went back to the room to get changed. Had a talk with some people, went for a shoot afterwards!

Hey where's Pe- Oh, nevermind...

The awesome Kitacon photographers of 2012 Kieran, Y U CREEP UP ON THEM!

Chi, Photobomming ever since 1991... Or... just liking little boys...


1) This pose is amazing!
2)checking out your ass bro!

I'll never let go of you Perry! No, never! I mean... /cough

After our shoot we met up with RosaCosplay and Soiyoko
They got dressed and then I had a shoot with them xD ALL THE DERPING!
Waaw Link, look at that sky... NOW LET ME HUG YOU!

Link is not impressed...

A little later that day, we got to meet up with two amazing girls from finland... They gave us horrible candy xD Although, since they have it in the Netherlands to, it's okay~ Although they had no idea who Phineas and Ferb were... what is this! SHAME ON YOU!

Laura ILUTOOOOO :heart: Just so you know!!

Had loads of fun with dem people, great to get to know new people as well. Went to look for UK YuGiOh peeps, didn't find any >_<. I guess Magic is way more popular there. Ended up just dueling :devkinylu: again.
Decided to go the the Yaoi panel, although we had a hard time getting Gemma inside... Y U NO 18 YET! xDD Kinda enjoyed it, although people were more laughing then anything else. U NO LIKE - U LEAVE NOW! Or well, IMO they should ^^'.  Met two amazing guys there! Had a great time with them for the rest of the weekend as well :heart:

:bulletwhite: Saturday
YugiohYugiohYugioh :heart:
I'm a fangirl, can you tell?
So yeah, cosplayed Jaden with my Yusei for the first time at an actual convention. And man was it awesome. We got a lot of compliments for our cosplays and of course, I was kinda pleased with that °___°
Had a shoot with Chi, Blasteh and Phil again today. Our awesome photography club.
We had some awesome pictures made, like these
YuGiOh GX - Heroes Live On by ShamanRenji YuGiOh - Better Than You by ShamanRenji

But of course, we also had derp shots like these...
Jaden: You'll see... You'll all see! (totally planning something)
Yusei: Sure Jaden... /patpat

Jaden: Idon'tknowwhatI'mdoingbutI'msureIlookamaaaazing! (I really don't know what I was doing... da fuck huh...)
Yusei: Oh you :heart:

1) ...great face you have there Yusei, really xD
2) See this card! It's the most awesome, amazing card, ever!

It's amazing how happy Yusei can be right? The real one is way to serious! He should act more happy. Come on Yusei, do it for Jaden :heart:

Shooting with an assistent as AquaAssassin is amazing. She really knows how to work with us. Believe me, I'm not an easy person to work with :3

RosaCosplay as Toph... Yes, she's an amazing bender, yep xD So cool xD
Kill ALL the rocks!

Hnnn, our amazing friends Sofia and Gemma :heart:

In the evening, we changed our outfits to something more neat. It was cool though, wearing something as... derp for Jaden... I looked like a butler >_< None the less, it was nice ^^
Heh... I really did

This, This is revenge for cosplay chess! (oh you'll see >_>)
It was awesome though :3

We're so cool... Yeah... cool...

The evening ended with a party. It was good~ xD

We did Dante and Vergil from Devil May Cry 3. Regrets, I have them. It took me way to long to get the binding on...
And afterwards it took me so so so long to take it off >_<
Crying much. Or well, almost

We joined Cosplaychess, it was cool. Like, really cool xD First time doing it, and of course, my team won :3 GOOD GUYS, OHHH YEAH! I got the challenge of killing off my brother. Winning :3

1) Doesn't look wrong at all right? Now suck it bro~ :3
2) Nice panties girl... to bad you KILLED ME?! ;___;
She bit me... can you believe it D;

See this? Dante gets all the guys and girls... But then again, who wouldn't fall for Dante. I know I would. Over and over... Yeah!
Killed him, then got killed by her ;__;

Met some cool Devil May Cry cosplayers here as well. Although I didn't find them anymore after this. Sadface. Look how big that Dante is! He could be my dad xD Small dante is small much D:

Seeing Vergil dance together with NavigatorxNami was awesome xD I even filmed it xD
Vergil is defo the better dancer. Although I'm pretty sure Dante is the best at the strippole... Am I right?

Well, that's it for Kitacon. Regret not making more pics here. But well, I'll never forget it! Now to wait 2 more years for the next one. SADFACE MUCH! SADFACE!

Also went to Japan Tag in Germany and going to Japan Expo Paris soon. See you there?

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 20, 2012, 3:30 AM
It's been since Feb DA! How have you been doing? 8D I've been pretty good myself. Although, now that Kitacon is over, it's back to the real life for me. OH THE BOREDOM!

Lemme show you what I've been up to lately

Made in Asia 2012
Well... It wasn't that great tbh. I don't have decent pictures to show you guys, I'm sorry ^^' I'll hopefully have a shoot with my new cosplays soon to show you.
The convention: Big, nothing to do, all games and dealerroom. Why can't we have one decent convention in Belgium. No, we all have expos. Not one decent convention. Makes me kinda blah.
BUT! That's why we have to UK and Abunai right? ;D
I can already show you one of my cosplays though...
This much...

YCS Leipzig
I'm so so so so so doing this again when I have the chance. It was amazing. Cosplaying YuGiOh at a YuGiOh tournament. I'm such a geek xD Playing YuGiOh ALL DAY LONG! Getting SO much attention from the people there. It was awesome. They all wanted to duel us. The people and kids seemed to really like it. Some people thought we were hired by Konami. Lol, I WISH! We might visit the German championship if I can get our trip  arranged.
I love the people who joined us there as well. Outpost people love!
Our stuff at the hotel... ALL OF THE YUGIOH
These banners... GIVE THEM TO ME!
And and and, we were VIPs at the convention! No really, we were allowed to sit there and eat and totally drink stuff. And duel of course. Cause who wouldn't want to see a fight between Jaden and Yusei :heart:

Had a shoot with my Yusei Kinlyu and my Johan: rori-poppu with ReiIchi5 as a photographer and Sanne as... another cosplayer xD

If you wanna see shots, check my tumblr!

Or just, check these xDD

Poor Yusei... GET JADEN BACK! Quickly!


YuGiOh Sleepover
After the shoot, we had a sleepover! YES! Had Yusei and Johan come over to my place for some YuGiOh dueling and some random cosplay fun! YESSS! Waterbed much :3 Johan and me such at cooking... So we decided on just lasagna and pizza xD Yep, we're lazy much... I did had a great time though, and I hope to do it soon again. My parents will go on vacation again in May. So I can totally have them over then ^^ YES GUYS, PLEASE COME OVER!


Cannot... stop... Shipping them!

Kinlyu uploaded a new shot from our shoot as well
Starshipping: at night by Kinlyu
Check it :3

I HATE PHOTOGRAPHY D;< There, I said it! XD No, it's just schoolstress I guess. Only one more month till I finish. Wish me good luck 8D Still have loads to do. But, I'll try my best to finish everything on time. If not, I can still redo my finals I guess... ^^'

Other stuff
Life is gooooood. Friends are awesome. Not sure if I have to add more then that xD
ALSO! I'm looking for a penpallllll! If you're intersted, please note me :heart:

I'm working on it, don't pressure me okay D; We're probably gonna film again in May. And after this one start on our SUPERSPECIALAWESOMESECRETPROJECT! I'm so looking forward to that. ALL THE DERP! Again guys, if anything, we're doing this for fun. We're not gonna hurry/do stuff because other people ask. We do it because we enjoy ourself making it and looking back at it afterwards. Although it's really cold sometimes and I nearly died a few times, it was still AWESOME!

Future stuff
Japan Expo Paris - Looking forward to it :3
Alcon - WE'RE GOING ALCON BITCHES! ALL THE YUGIOH! FUCK YEAH! (I kinda really really meet Shadyvox and LK :heart: )
Antwerp Convention - Meeting with friends, like a boss
Dokomi - Not sure of this one yet... depends if anyone else is going?
Going to visit my mom in July together with Kinlyu. ONWARDS TO TENERIFE XD The beach, the sun... All of it :heart:
Abunaicon - Still really far off, but looking forward to it ^^

STOP GENDERBENDING MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS! And defo DEFO don't cosplay them! GUYS SHOULD BE GUYS! Not girls! Don't put them in a dress! They don't have boobs! If you can't cosplay guys, JUST DONT DO IT! RAH!
I've seen a lot of bad Jaden's but Genderbending is just... DONT DO IT!
/end of Kimi rage

Ask me Anything
Yeaaaah, I kinda forgot about that XD Stupid right? Should have time on Saturday though, so yes, if you want to ask anything, feel free to do it now :3

I'll be making a new journal just for this... CAUSE AWESOME!

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Sup homies

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 20, 2012, 4:46 AM
Been over a month again since my last journal... BLAH

:bulletblack: To start this off with, I wanna do a 'Ask me anything!' together with Kinlyu. If you have any questions for us, please ask them in the comments :heart: I'll film it this weekend and I'll put it online on Tuesday. So yeah, Go nuts ;D (she doesn't know this, but I'm sure she'll be fine with it xD RIGHT BRO?)

- What's been happening -

It sucked... :3 I'm glad I had Kinlyu and my cards with me... Else I would have died of boredom... DIED I SAY! xDD
Although I did had fun as Kaiba, ranting about stairs... Totally~
... Yep, that's about it xD

Starshipping shoot:
Hmm, how to say this... a fuck it, it was AWESOME! I had an amazing time with  my Yusei Kinlyu and our 'I can handle anything' photographer kumivonspietzenberg
We had loads of props to use, and we barely used any... NEXT TIME!
But hey, the only things we needed were the bed, the couch and... other things... XDD
Time went so fast, so many pics were made. I have a selection of 60 pics that I like and about 20 that I still wanna upload... ITS INSANLY HARD TO PICK ONE! SO HARD XDD
Before we know it, it was foodtime! Had pasta... didn't had anything to eat it with... So I had to eat it with sticks... Yep... I had while sauce all over.. Yep....

Enjoy these for now, I'll upload more in a bit ;D
Starshipping: my Valentine by Kinlyu YuGiOh - Starshipping by ShamanRenji

YuGiOh in general:
I'm loving this fandom so muc. And the cardgame doesn't help at all.. AT! ALL! I spend so much money on it, but I can't help it. It's so much fun T_T. I have 3 decks now. Sams, Glads and Jaden's deck XD I'm working on Kaiba's deck as well. But still missing stuff for that ;D Play ALL the banned cards XDD
Going to Leipzig's YCS this weekend. Big-ass YuGiOh tournament together with mah Yusei. Cosplaying and playing cardgames... Best combo ever no?
Going with people from outpost (The place we go play YuGiOh in weekends)
I'm so exited... SO SO MUCH! aehrzhrs, cannot wait! Gonna pack soon as well :heart: :heart: xDD
So yeah... Anyone else playing and going this weekend?

School is meh... as always. Passed my second year. 3th years starts in a week. Bleh... Do not want. Although I love photography, I'm still so so sick of this...

60k pageviews? What is this? Thanks a lot guys! I should upload something just cause of it, nuh? XDD

- What's up next -

Conventions and cosplay:
Made in Asia: Kauro - OHSHC and Nightcrawler - Xmen
Kitacon: Dante - DMC3, Jaden - YuGiOh GX and Kaiba - YuGiOh (Maybe taking something for evenings as well.. not sure)

We're kinda stuck on CMV's for now. We already started on a new one, but we still have loads of filming to do. Hope you guys don't mind waiting for the new one :heart: It'll probably be online in March~

- Featuring -

Not sure if you guys know these people already, but you should really go check them out. They really are amazing, cosplayers and people!
They be my awesome group :heart:

SSBB: an unexpected encounter by Kinlyu SD: Ice cream for two by Kinlyu

Nox by Zoustache Loveless: Making memories by Zoustache

Mio Akiyama by ReiIchi5 Random make up test by ReiIchi5

Johan anderson by rori-poppu sasha by rori-poppu

Hatsune Miku LOL -1- by psyco-ayu Lovestruck by psyco-ayu

derpbird by StapleSundae Amaimon by StapleSundae

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My planning

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2012, 1:44 PM
Hehe, awesome journal is awesome...

Hey guys!
It's been a while now since I made a new journal, and with all this stuff happening I thought I would make an update!


:bulletpurple:Celebrating new years
Mine was awesome! How was yours 8DD? Had an awesome time with Kinlyu, Zoustache, ReiIchi5, psyco-ayu, rori-poppu, Oloring and StapleSundae
Nothing special happened really. Just had an... awesome time! Yeh, that! xDD


Judai and Johan being ... Judai and Johan!
Who's the supreme king now bitch!


And of course, the rest of the crew!

1)We all got a secret santa and mine was Pepiiijjn! I got awesome YuGiOh cards (with Paradox stole...) and a P&F mini skateboard! Awesome gifts are awesome!
2)We all got newyears poppers from Ayu! The gifts in it, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THEM! Dem crowns

Everyone ended up playing twister after the food was gone...

...We ended up playing YuGiOh

Of course not all night! NONO, we checked the fireworks at 12 and then... STUFF! YES! STUFF! 8DDD
No pics from that though XDD
Anyway, hope I can do this again next year. I had a blast!

:bulletyellow:Making new CMVs
I'm not sure if you saw yet, but me and mah crew made a new CMV. I'm pretty pleased with it after all! I thought it would come out kinda lame since I don't really have any editing skills...
Anyway, if you wanna check it out, you can do so here -->…
If you would like to see what we're gonna do next, just subscribe to my youtube account here -->…
We do plan to do more CMVs, just give us some time please :kitty:
Hope you enjoy!

:bulletpurple:Conventionlist so far
Where you can find me:
Tsunacon - NL
Made In Asia - BE
Bifff - BE (maybe)
Kitacon - UK
Antwerp convention - BE
Japan Expo - FR
Atsusacon - BE
London Expo Oct - UK
Animagic - D (maybe)

:bulletyellow:Life in general
Life's good. Made my second version of Jaden today since I was kinda hating my first one xD It sucked ass... SO yeah! Second one!
School is killing me, nothing new there...
Aaaand well, I kinda finished Kaiba, so whoo about that too!
Gonna work on Haou next! WANT TO MAKE HAOU TO FIT WITH MY JOHAN!

:bulletpurple:YuGiOh shoot
Have you noticed the YuGiOh cosplays in my gallery? No?! You must be blind! Good thing I'll be spamming you with them after Tsunacon! >8D

YuGiOh GX - Jaden Yuki by ShamanRenji YuGiOh - Seto Kaiba by ShamanRenji

So yeah, had a shoot with devkasumi-kimoto: She was sweet AND crazy enough to go shooting with me Midwinter... Yeah, WE SO SMART!
But I had loads of fun!
... Derps?! OF COURSE!

Just wanna say first, DAT LOCATION!


It was so cold... SO FREAKING COLD! That I actually stole Rei's jacket xD ... SCREW THE RULES, I COSPLAY SETO KAIBA! Yes... TOTALLY!
At least I'm looking cold like a boss... (on this picture)

My OOC Kaiba moments
1)The card fell from between my fingers, cause I couldn't move my fingers anymore... THATS HOW COLD IT WAS! XDD Hurrr
2) Putting my deck in place, eating ALL THE CARDS!

First thing that pop'd into my head :
'THIS ISNT WHAT I ASKED FOR' /twitch twitch
I can actually totally see Kaiba doing that...

1) Look at how happy Rei is... While her character is ... NOT. BE MORE IC REI! MOAR!
2) Dropped my deck out of the duel disk... Twice... Had to pick it up myself cause I wasn't in kaiba anymore... MAJOR SADFACE D8!! Poor Jaden

Again, stealing Rei's clothes, like a boss...And it's red... EVERYTHING RED BELONGS TO JADEN!

And of course, no shoot is complete without derpshots :3

Bitch I'm fabulous!

That's all for now! ENJOY XDD

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My cosplay year 2011: The derps

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 7, 2011, 11:35 AM

Gallery | +Watch ME | Note ME

Awwwwh yeah! It's time again for that one derpy journal xD
I know 2011 isn't over yet, but since I'm not going to anymore conventions, expos, parties, ... my cosplayyear is over! And to be honest, it was amaaaazing~!

My year;

Finished my Takuto cosplay, was very obsessed with Star Driver :heart: Started with a shoot together with katyuna

Star Driver - Takuto by ShamanRenji Takuto Tsunashi - Star by ShamanRenji Star Driver - Takuto Zero Time by ShamanRenji

It felt amazing to actually be the first to cosplay Takuto. (okay, the japanese were first. But they always are XD)

First convention was Tsunacon (like every year :D) at Oloring's place together with Kinlyu First time ever seeing a Phineas and Ferb cosplay. I was not that obsessed back then. Pepijn's Perry! :heart: And bro in her Pedopriest outfit xD


After Tsunacon, I had a shoot with some friends in Mondo Verde 8DD It was so SO cold! But so much fun. I can't believe it's been this long already.
Remember these :3

Takuto Tsunasi-The Star Butler by ShamanRenji


Dino grew and Omnomnom'd  Takuto~

I had to work hard on something I really wanted to make! and finish on time for the con. The pain in the ass also known as Haseo. Terror of Death. I now know how he got that name xD Finished him for Made in Asia! Had a great time :D

Haseo - Dot Hack by ShamanRenji


Next up on the list, Kitacon! KITACON PEOPLE! :heart:
It was so amazing, that I'm going back year, no matter what! But this time, with my Bro and RosaCosplay Although sharing a room with MikeJenks was something I will treasure forever ;DD Emizone, hollie, NavigatorxNami I miss you guys so much. Please lets do something together again this Kitacon, yes?!
So yeah, I can't stress enough over how FUCKING AWESOME it was!

Takuto - It's a pinch by ShamanRenji Dante - Devil May Cry by ShamanRenji Dante -  Devils Do Cry by ShamanRenji Devil May Cry - Never Enough by ShamanRenji Tales of Symphonia - Lloyd by ShamanRenji

MAIN CHARACTER POWER! How'd you like me now bitches!


Nuff said

All the memories make me go emo xDD~~ Also, I want my hair to be red again... cause that was awesome... Meh!

Had a shoot at Mondo Verde again this time together with Kenny (again xD) and mah Bro~




And after that, we had anothing shoot at Robin's place XD

Star Driver - Wako's Fantasy by ShamanRenji




Moving on with the ELF Fantasy Fair!
Yeah, we were totally elfs this year xDD Like, 4 of em. SO MUCH EPICNESS IN THIS GROUP! :heart: Kinlyu spunkydragon, kenny and me decided to do 4 swords. Well, actually, I decided, the rest just followed XD
The outcome, was FFFF :love:

Legend Of Zelda - Four Swords by ShamanRenji 4 swords meuh by spunkydragon

"Yeah guys this was awesome, we should do this more ofOMGWTFAREYOULOOKINGAT!"

Trollrupy be trolling

In May, we had the crappiest convention so far called antwerp convention (or something. that's how much I care XD)
It wasn't much. But at least I had a derp time with friends. And had my first chance of wearing my new Dante :heart: I sure love Dante xDD

Dante - Devil May Cry 3 by ShamanRenji



The cosplay'bal' wasn't much to talk about as well. But again, friends made it better. Dun think I even talked about this before... here, have a picture ;D with my date SayaShinigami as CC, I went in my formal Lelouch cosplay.


Oh Cyclone, Im shocked!

After that, time went fast as hell and before I knew it, it was July. Meaning, Japan Expo, Japan and close after that Abunai :heart:
Hell yeah!!
Japan Expo was yet again amazing. Great convention, great cosplayer, great photographers, great English people xDD, great bro!

Star Driver - Ginga Bishounen by ShamanRenji Fire Emblem - Let's Brawl by ShamanRenji




And then Japan people :heart:... I'm not sure what to say about this. It was (effingFFFFloveomgwaaw) amazing. xDD I still need to upload more pics from there. Since we made over 1000 cosplay pics only... What is this xDD Moar ginga anyone XDD Although I still have loads of Star Driver yaoi to upload.. and when I say loads, I mean LOADS! Although, maybe it's best to keep the shit on my pc nuh xDD Speaking of Star Driver yaoi and Japan, you have no idea how much I miss Chihiro007 I hope to see you again soon! Sooner then back in Japan :DD

Star Driver - Distraction by ShamanRenji Star Driver - Sleepover by ShamanRenji Star Driver - Takuto Punch by ShamanRenji





I don't know what you're doing, but I don't want it!

'Takuto, didn't your dad teach you how to read...'

Coming home, next weekend, another Star Driver shoot, because Bro and Robin's costumes arrived. So yeah, we just had to XD



If you watched Star Driver, you will understand :3

Is very much boss~~
Abunaicon 2011 was, for sure, one of the best so far. I had an amazing time. Cosplaying Phineas and Ferb for the first time with the group was... well, let's just say I can't say how amazing it was XDDD It was great to also see AquaAssassin again. Almost xmas break now, I'll be sure to come over! SOONER OR LATER! Hopefully sooner!
Also gonna have a shoot with kumivonspietzenberg Man, it was great meeting her at Abunai :heart: All in all, great convention!

Phineas And Ferb - 104 days by ShamanRenji Phineas And Ferb - Game on by ShamanRenji SSBB - Welcome To The Show by ShamanRenji

Facebookman by Oloring Winning!

This is so straight you guys!

Creeper RAPE!

Phineas: I know what we're gonna do today!
-end up sitting under a tree all day long....-
The day was great xD

Between all of this, me, bro and Pepijn went to another Elf Fantasy Fair for a day. The day I totally cosplayed from a Fanfiction. OBSESSION MUCH?! And it was Phineas. WHUT?! XDD So much lolz over there :heart: you guyz

Phineas and Ferb - The Seer by ShamanRenji


FACTS was up next!
It was... meh okay. People made it great. Actually got to talk to some really nice people there. Who are now totally my friends and all xD I'm totally talking about you psyco-ayu, rori-poppu and Zoustache :D
But we had the most amazing and biggest (probably only) Phineas and Ferb group EVER!

Phineas and Ferb - Carpe Diem by ShamanRenji

Candaremy :heart: So much love for this couple! SMILE GUYS

Perrrryyy! Perrrry beating the crap out of Doooooof~~ ... the platypusssssss~~

Agent P! Stop Doof at all costs! Kenny's best cosplay so far.. For sure!

"Watcha dooooing"
"...What does it look like"

Busy weeks were busy. The weekend after FACTS came London Expo 2011. ALSO FUCKING AMAZING! Y do I not live in the UK. You people are amazing much :heart:

Brobrobrobrobro, where's Perry...
Ow, there you are Perry...

Star Driver Group Huggggg~~

Aaaaand then not so long ago, was Japan Expo Belgium. First time ever. It was pretty okay. But so SO busy! ... I did get to meet the amazing Omaru! And yes, he was just as awesome irl then his video's are :D Hope to see you in Belgium again soon!
Check out the work he did on Japan Expo Belgium -… and -…

Hurrrrrr Sugata, I'm so Bishounen right now!
... Sure Takuto... Sure you are...

This camera looks like us... OWAIT!

There's a platypus controlling me he's on my.. head...

Also went to the amazing cosplay Bday party of Zou! Thanks again for the invite, I had loads of fun 8D


AAAAAND LAST but not least at all, Ayu's bday party last weekend XDD :heart: if you didn't see yet what we made, check this out ;D…

So yeah! That's about it. I had some great times, and of course, some less great times... BUT HEY! I'm sure 2012 is gonna be great! We'll be sure to start it off with some awesomeamazingnomnom Starshipshipping! Right Bro? ;D


So tell me, how was your year 8DD

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Cosplay Music Video

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 5, 2011, 1:46 PM

Please, if you want, check it out ;DD ---- >>>…! :heart: :heart:

Hey guys! Long time no seeee and stuff ;D It's been a while T_T I don't really have anything new to upload. Loads of old stuff, but nothing new. Makes me sad >_<
But then again, I didn't have a new cosplay till.... a few days ago XD I totally finished my new one :heart:

But! What I wanted to tell you in this journal is that, after a long LONG while, I finally got to make a CMV :heart: :heart:  I planned this for SO long already but never actually got to it... BUT NOW I DID! Some random cosplayvid with my awesome random friends :love:

If you have suggestions for other songs that we can lipsync, please leave a comment 8DD :heart:

ShamanRenji out~

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London Expo - All the fun!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 8, 2011, 12:56 PM

Gallery | +Watch ME | Note ME

So to start this journal off, OMG IT WAS AWESOME!
I miss it so much :heart:
London Expo itself was kinda 'meh' but the people :love:

Arriving early >^<
CeilingDan picking us up, going to startbucks afterwards like we always do. Kinlyu is not a fan of Starbucks... I'm not sure how it's possible, you should ask her xD

We dropped our stuff at the hotel and then went shopping! (or at least that was the plan...) Visited covent garden first, after that, camden town.
Ow camden, how I love it. We got stopped by some random guy asking us if we wanted to model for a free haircut. Normally I would never do it... But for this time, we totally said yes xD

Yes, it was random. But it was so worth it afterwards xD We met people there who were also going to Expo!
After the random haircut, we went to get some fooooood (nomnom mexican food) and then decided to visit CeilingDan at work ;D

Even when at work, looking cute :heart:

Since we were kind of tired, we went to the hotel afterwards, wanting to meet up with some people but couldn't because mah phone wouldn't let me >_>

Fire Emblem Daaaaay~~
We had fun, getting up wasn't fun though. Still tired as fuck xD
And started the day with photography since I needed pictures of mah bro getting dressed. Good thing she was okay with it though xD :hug:
Got dressed, walked to the convention, got our pictures taken by Fire Emblem fans (whooo!) and then met up with more people!

The guy in the middle is Matt, he was our random friend of the day! He came to sit with us cause he had nothing else to do. I love how you can meet new people at Expo's / conventions! xDD
The girl on the left is lueeluee aka the keito from our Star Driver group ;DD

Had a little shoot with mah Marth

Meeting up later with Emi-zone and her little vocaloid group. Took some pictures outside afterwards. Much derp was had as well~~

Took some pretty pictures of Emiiiii~~

Blasteh, never give him larpswords. He's way to happy with them... :iconmegustaplz:

Emi-zone was moving the wall... she really was...

Remind me never EVER to trust them in a hospital


Bro, you're blinding me
Bro, I know :icontrollfaceplz:

Met up with RosaCosplay
After that, we returned to the hotel, got changed and went into town!

Meeting up with Dan and Toby again afterwards, eating Japanese, getting some awesome bubblejuice stuff (OMNOMNOM TAPIOKA)

Nat playing tourist in her own country! :3

ARCADE! We were gonna go in for 5 minutes...
Yeah... right

I now know, that I suck at shooters....

Star Driver daaaaaay~~
We had so much fun! :heart:
BS-Barbs - Our amazing Kanako. Y U SO PRETTY
NavigatorxNami - Our Wako for the day with her superawesome Vice!
Kinlyu as Bro Sugata
lueeluee as Keito
And meeting Cutiepie305 being our Benio :heart:
We had a group of 6 Star Driver fans! I was soooo happy!

With awesome people, comes awesome derp. You have been warned! xD
But first, we did a little shoot. Or well, some of us did. I just took the camera xD
Star Driver: Kiraboshi by BS-Barbs

I had a great time working with my Keito and Kanako! It's awesome when you barely have to pose people :3

Ow before I forget! I totally met Soiyoko FFFFFF GREAT TIMES WERE HAD :heart: :heart:
My number one Ginga fan ;DD

I'm so sad you only came for one day T_T
Can't wait to see you agaaaain

Wanting to add~~

And now, for some randomness
Gingaback ride!

Sugata: Come on Takuto, be a man!

It's weird that, even when she's derp, she still looks amazing >_> /jelly


Takuto; Bishi of the world!
Wako; ARGH! Takuto!
Sugata; Ow please...
Kanako; Yeah, keep thinking that.

Also, a big gratz to Spikeske and idromy for their costumes for the  Eurocosplay! You guys, you did a great job representing Belgium! We can be proud 8D
And of course, Ronald, who won second place for the Netherlands :heart: You're awesome!

You people made my expo :heart: (Although I miss Dan and Toby...)
Thanks so much

Phineas and Ferb
I'm so glad you people liked ittttt~~ Thanks again XD
Also, I'm not sure if getting compliments about my Ferb pants is a good thing or not xD ... Just... Not sure xD
So yeah, sunday ;DD
Normal pic, myspace picture... We were derp, copying the people sitting next to us xDD :heart: Bro!

AAANNNDDD, I totally went fangirl when meeting this amazing person!
It's Negshin :heart:
If you don't know her art, check it out, it's fucking insaaaaaaane :heart:
Fangirl'd and drooled soooo much xDD
(Thanks again for going on picture with me, I know you really didn't want toooo xDD)

Overall convention picture...
I dropped Perry all the way down. He was sitting on my head and as I looked down to took a pic, he fell... I send phineas after him though, he's safe xD

And this is how I looked after a really sleepless but AWESOME weekend! xDD
To bad I don't have more derps from Sunday >_< I so loved cosplaying Ferb there... Might take him to Kitacon! 8D Hope to go there, that's for sure. Have to figure it out sooner or later.

Might make a Japan Expo journal later. Don't have much derp pictures though... might steel from other people ;DDD

So that's about it. How did you enjoy expo 8D Let me knowwwww ;DD See ya next time!

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FACTS 2011 - Phineas and Ferb

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 25, 2011, 8:47 AM
Hmmmm, not much to say about it I guess. It was really.... Factsy xD
We arrived there on Saturday around 9. Yes, an hour early... It goes way faster by car then I would have thought. ^^'
Anyway, I had part of the group with me already. Doof, Major M, Carl and Jeremy were waiting in line while I went inside to get my instructions from RedCathedral and then back into the cooooold!
If your picture was taken by me, you can find those on -->…
BUT give the peepz from Aztek tv some time. They had loads of work at FACTS. It can take a while before they get online ^^
After meeting up with the rest of the group, we got our move on inside :3

It was a fun day, with the Phineas and Ferb group. Probably as big as I'll ever get the group! You guys were awesome, you know who you are!
Of course, loads of Derps were made as well.
Picture time!
If you saw my group picture you saw that we now had a group of 9 :heart: so awesome! Phineas and Ferb - Carpe Diem by ShamanRenji

OWCA vs Doof! He doesn't stand a chance :3

:bulletpurple: Ferb: Say Fromage!

THESE 2! YES PLEASE! Nisse and Oloring taking pictures together, couldn't wish for a better perry or doof xD :heart:

:bulletwhite: An ordinary platypus.


:bulletred: Candace together with her prince charming
:bulletblack: GET HIM AGENT P!

This couple = love!
Not a lot of straight couples get my 'thumbs up' xD
:bulletblack: It was so awesome that Kenny wanted to do Major Monogram. Such an awesome character XD! ... He actually looks old here...

:bulletblack: Good luck Agent P!
:bulletyellow: Good luck Agent P!
:bulletblack: That's not how I sound Carl!


This is the only decent group picture, and we're missing candace! That's why I uploaded the other one... This group, it needs to happen again!


:bulletblack: "I didn't become a Major so I could sweat out a vaudeville routine with an intern."
:bulletyellow: 'Sir, are you crying'
:bulletblack: No, I'm just sweating out of my eyes


On sunday we had Jeroen joining us as Postal dude. Never heard of it? Don't worry, neither did I xD It was his first cosplay and I was so proud of him! *whipe tear*


SenpaiEri did an awesome job getting everyone together for filming a cosplayMV!

This was supposed to be 'He's a secret agent?!' but ended up more like 'HAHA' xDD

Meeting up with Oloring and Kinlyu very late on sunday! But still pictures were needed!

We also made some random VERY RANDOM cosplay clips on Saturday XD
If you wanna see them, these are the links :3………

All in all, I had a great weekend. FACTS itself was really... crowded. It was... well... FACTS. Not that great! The people were great though. Amaaaazing! :heart: :hug: :love:

Next up; London Expo! Together with Kinlyu

This will be my cosplays for this weekend! Friday till sunday in that order! Come find me if you want 8D Although I'm not very interesting :3

See ya there !

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Abunai 2011 - Looking For Group

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 31, 2011, 1:44 PM

Last weekend was the amazing Dutch convention Abunai. As you probably saw, I already uploaded a first picture of the cosplay I was wearing... PHINEAS AND FERB :heart: *obsessive fangirl behavior much*

Because I was bored, I made my Abunai journal into a Phineas and Ferb remake 8D…
You should listen to it and follow the lyrics while reading the journal. It's not gonna make any sence, but this helps a bit XD ... YES I TOLD YOU IT WAS RANDOM. You can also just read it without of course XD

So without waisting more of your time, let me show you what Abunai was for me :3


Abunai is having a cosplayshoot with awesome friends

Pooooosing, with Facebook man, yeah That's what Abunai means to me, it's true! There's so much more to do!

The days seems shorter, the nights are parties, the sun is hiding, it's noticibly colder.

Abunai, Every single moment is worth it's way in gold,
Abunai, It's like the world's best con and it's waiting to be hoooollld.

It's papercraft and 'hey where's perry', everywhere you go!
It's Abunai, man where do we begiiiiin!

Abunai is derping with your friends and don't giving a fuck

Abunai;  candace, cosplayacts en even Perryyyy~~

It's also
Beating creepers up,

Raving all night long

And fighting for that smash ball!

Filming random shit

Eating noodles

and saving the world with Ezio!

Ow wait, maybe I'm going to fast..
Abunai is watching Phineas and Ferb in your hotelroom

Abunai is sitting with your brother in the backjard under the shade of a big tree! That's what it means to meeee~~


I... was very bored last night xD And to get in the Phineas and Ferb spirit of course 8D (HATERS GONNA HATE, DUN CARE xD)

So yeah, with that done AND done, let's start on the actual explaining xD
(brb food)

Friday ~~
Star Driver - Takuto
The day started out as amazing as I had hoped. We arrived at the convention and checked in about an hour after. Smooooth check-in was smooooth! 8D Got into Ginga and had a Photoshoot with ElynneCostumes, HitsujiAiko and Emma (not sure if she has DA?). They were cosplaying from Pokemon 8D

N: I was so sure he was gay D8!!

Black and Whiiiiite :heart: you guys!

Nayoh totally Like's Oloring's new cosplay.
Get it... Like... hehehehe.

Moving on, we checked out the convention some more ;D It was like a maze... and I've been there last year as well D8 But yeh, after saying hi to some people at the convention, I did a shoot with our amazing spunkydragon in her Erza cosplay and after that did a shoot with AquaAssassin in Takuto with Star Swords! Or well, one at least... one broke down >_<
Anyway, I kinda like how the pictures came out 8D


And no shoot is completed with some derp afterwards :3



Enough Derp... I promised Lizz to go to her Papercraft workshop, so we did 8D It was very entertaining, to make 1 or 2 of those little things... But how on earth do you keep up with it xD Respect girl, RESPECT FOR THE GIANT THINGS YOU MAKE!

After that, we went partying! PARTEH HARD! It was good. So good!

Saturday ~~
Phineas and Ferb - Ferb
Not sure if I should explain this more then I already did...
Didn't sleep much, I was so so hyper for this day. Have been wanting to cosplay Ferb for a while now, but was afraid of how people would react ^^' Cause come on, it's not my most 'good looking' cosplay xD But to my surprise, Abunai seemed to LOVE it 8D And I was so so so happy :heart:
Anyway, waking up, getting dressed, breakfast with the crew!

After breakfast (it was like... 9 in the morning xD) we went outside to take some pictures since we had to wait for Perry to arrive anyway 8D. But before we could do that, we were stopped by some random dude with a random camera who wanted to film us for a youtube Abunai mix. Of course we were more then happy to join this :3
So after that, pictures xD
And although it's really random, I love love this picture :heart: Mah Bro and me xD

I believe this is yours.... Poor Perry. Candance does not like!

After Oloring arrived, he put on this PERRYYYY and... we filmed some random crap xD
If you wanna see (believe me, you don't) check -->… ,… and…
It's mostly in dutch anyway xD

Once Perry was dressed, we went out again TO TAKE MOAR PICTURES! MOAR XDD!
Being out of character, It's what I do 8D FERB PARTEH!

Best picture of Candace EVER! Or well... Perry... or Candace!
It's Perry, Perry the teenage girl!

Action shots! Like... to literally

Sitting on Ezio's lap, like a boss!
... wait what
Orochimarisu made this amazing Ezio cosplay in about a week :heart: She's amazing! Amazing I say!
She did ask me some weird things though >_> I'm not sure what she was thinking xD

Anyway, the day was amazing. We didn't do much though. But again, I'm so happy people loved our cosplay 8D We did went to see the cosplay act compo. And although we waited in line for WAY TO LONG, it was good seeing them :3 The level of cosplayacts was okay this year. WAY better then last year D8 Like, way way! And I met an awesome cosplayer who was waiting for her que to get on stage. She was sitting next to me on the floor, so why not keep her company huh :3 (if you're reading this, your act was amazing!)

After that, we had a small shoot with kumivonspietzenberg and I'm waiting for the pictures now 8D Very exited! She's amazing, you should totally check her stuff out!
It was great meeting her. She's so sweet and talented as well! :hug:

Also, fast day went fast. I can't believe it was over before we actually had the time to do anything else then... Make pictures and act totally in character XD
In the evening, it was PARTEH TIME! Can't have a party without Phineas and Ferb! Okay... to be honest, I just didn't bring normal clothes, so I had to go to the party in Ferb xD. I dun care though. It was fun that even now, people yelled out to us as 'Phineas and Feeeerb!!!' 8D *fangirl scream from my side*
No party would be completed without Nayoh though and her homies!
PARTEH HARD (with glowsticks :3)

Sunday ~~
Super Smash Bross Brawl - Ike (or FIRE EMBLEM)
Another amazing day at Abunai. Although way to short! And although I totally felt sick in the morning, the rest of the day was amazing. Around 11.30, we met up with Heartless-Bowser cause he promised us we could use his awesome Creeper cosplay for... well beating it up xD
SO WE DID! And it got filmed, you should check it out 8D SINCE ITS AMAZING
-->>>… <<<--

I almost felt bad for the creeper... NAAH


Although... This creeper likes Ike just a bit to much D8

Afterward we had another short shoot with our lovely photographer (before we had to rush inside for the Cosplay Fashion Show D8) Again, thanks SO SO much!We were also joined for the shoot by an awesome Sheik AND Ranulf! YESH Fire Emblem cosplayers FTW. Thanks for being there!
First, brawl shoot!
This is probably the best shot EVER!

:heart: :iconkinlyu: :iconoloring: :iconkatyuna: :iconspunkydragon: :iconnayoh: :heart: for making my Abunai!
Also, thanks to the people I didn't mention in this but were there and hang around with me! It wouldn't have been the same without you guys. I'll be there again next year for sure. 3 days, hopefully together with the same awesome people who were there this year :3


That's it for this time around! How did you guys enjoy Abunai 8D?

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